Sunday, June 8, 2008

If you are keen on a long life, one could assume that you should live as people do in the Principat d'Andorra. With a surface of 468 square kilometers (181 square miles) it is a small place; just three narrow valleys in the Pyrenees shaped like a "Y" and wedged between France in the north and Spain to the south. It has a population of only 71,800 inhabitants (July 2007 estimation), and only approximately one third are actually Andorran nationals. Current statistics show the average Andorran life span is an outstanding 83.82 years.

The interesting thing about the Andorrans is that they seem to make their living playing host to tourists with a taste for a commodity sure to shorten their lifespan -- cheap tobacco.

[Probably no more to come ... as Andorra seems to be "newsworthy" on the Internet's millions of English language websites only when playing football or enjoying a good ski season.]

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Amnesty International: Human Rights in Andorra
HDI: 0.944 in 1997 (Rank 2008: N/A)


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