Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

As stated in my first post on this new blog, my intent is to set out on a journey of sorts and together we can walk about our world (virtually travelling via the world wide web); we can talk about what we see; and we can explore together the story of our present human condition through our conversations.

The human condition encompasses all of the experience of being human, so to survey the present situation of human populations around our planet is an enormous endeavour. There is much territory to traverse.

We have divided our world. We have divided it in many ways. We have, for example, divided up the lands on which we live into many countries.

Our method will be to work through the "official list of countries" (in alphabetical order) and note some of the facts from which we might gain some insight into the situation as lived by the people in these places.

The list of such countries we will visit includes territories that are independent states (both those that are internationally recognised and generally unrecognised), inhabited dependent territories, and areas of special sovereignty. Within these many places are families identifying with various tribal, clan ethnicities.

The duration of this journey will be long. There is so much to see and so much more to say about what we witness. It may seem madness to take it on, considering the huge size of such a task, but I find much enjoyment in such an exercise.

Enjoyment? Yes, as it is an educative exercise, one in which I feel certain a great deal of learning will be accomplished, I find it most enjoyable.

I am not naïve, however, and I realise going into this that some of what I will learn and then share here will be worrying, sometimes shocking, often a cause of sadness; for many of our brothers and sisters in this world live in situations that are not safe, many are oppressed, many endure great suffering.

Though all is not doom and gloom on this earth, and I hope to share information that may surprise in a positive way, to reveal what is good about the human condition as lived in some communities and to show what is worthy of celebration and emulation.

And so I set off on this expedition. It will be a long and often arduous effort to explore where we are. I hope you will join me. Walk with me a while and we'll speak the truth about what we see.

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